Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Second Sunday of Advent

The Mother of God is a Woman clothed in silence. As I draw and paint this great Mother of Mercy, Mother of Grace, Mother of Love, Mother of Patience and Mother of the Word, I reflect on her many visits to her children here on earth to warn and to guide them from the enemy. She is indeed a great Lady. She yearns to hear the cries of her children and to bring these hurts to the heart of her son. The son of God who carried every sin and hurt to the cross. The God Man who chose without reservation to save us. I am grateful as the child of the Father to help Him carry this cross by lovingly carrying my cross up the road towards Calvary. This season of Advent I will remember Your Mother's silence and with Your grace follow you till the end. I yearn for the end to come quickly, but I know that I too will ask...."My God, why have you abandoned me". My cross is so small in comparison to the one you carried. You felt every known abuse so that by Your suffering I would too enjoy an eternity of joy. Please forgive my fatigue, and give me the grace and strength to endure to the last. I love you so much, Jesus and I thank you for your Mother. Her example of trust in the midst of trial brings me so much joy. Please convert the hearts that don't know you and give them the great gift of humility which will free them from the enemy. Thank you for today. Thank you for never letting me out of Your sight. I long to see Your face.

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I want my God, to love you face to face.