Wednesday, December 2, 2009

True Love is Dying to Ourselves

"It was pride that changed angels into devils."

Saint Augustine

This was a most enlightening holiday. I learned a great lesson in humility. My youngest daughter was hurt by family as I many times. I however, have learned the lesson of humility. Learning to turn the other cheek and to visit the abuser and to forgive. Taking the high road is taking the road of humility. It is not about being right, it is all about being a servant. It is not about who is right but rather about forgiveness. All that is needed is to focus on the cross and to understand that LOVE itself was crucified for us. In comparison who would ever suffer such an assault. No one on this earth for we are all sinners.

However, I chose to visit the one who hurt my daughter. Just as my husband has asked to visit the family who treated me with disdain. I have had almost 40 years of abuse and learning to turn the other cheek. This was her first experience and I made the big mistake of not standing up for her. For this error, I am deeply sorry. I hope that one day, Lia after I am gone, you will come to understand the power of forgiveness. You don't need to be right or understood... always remember the Lord's mission to spread the gospel of LOVE up to the climb to Calvary. Know always that everything that you have suffered, He has suffered unto death. True freedom is being the smallest and the servant of all!

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